My focus is on helping people to express themselves fully. In order to do so, people need to build a firm foundation. To support this I provide opportunities for growth through healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Women's Group

“Over 40, Fearless and Free” is a Facebook group for women who value authenticity, courage and sisterhood. Our group is a safe place to share your innermost, thoughts and dreams. We have over 5,700 members. Join us!


“Center of Gravity” describes my one-year experiment to completely change my life. Read about how I went from a burned-out business woman to a creative, fulfilled entrepreneur.

Hi, I’m Geva Salerno.

Join me and thousands of women over 40 who are rediscovering their passions and reinventing their lives. I believe that happy women are powerful women. By becoming aligned with our true selves, we find a natural bliss that touches everyone we encounter. I help women around the world become aligned and develop their personal power.

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