One day I was reading my mail and noticed a comment from a member.

She said that it was in my group that she felt safe around other women… for the first time… in a long time.

This is when I realized just how important fellowship is to human beings, especially women. Americans tend to be very confident and individualistic. We think we can do anything. (And we can.)Not only do we not need men to define our worth, other women can be our greatest allies and champions. When I read the woman’s words, I knew I had created something special. I had created a space where women can come together, support each other and grow in a spirit of positivity and peace. It’s a place where women are learning how to become fearless and free. Since starting the group six months ago, women are growing and becoming more self-confident and self-assured. As more and more women remarked how much they love the group and my trainings, I knew that I made the right decision in opening it up to the world. What are your experiences with being part of a tribe? Leave a comment below.