So 2017 was pretty bizarre for a lot of people. Some might even say a bit surreal. And when something major and intense happens, I think its best to go small. When feeling bruised, I think it’s good to lower the expectations, take some time to heal, and set low, but achievable goals. Even using the word goal is not necessary sometimes.

I like the word intention. It’s like “This is the general direction I plan to go in.” It allows for unforeseen circumstances to happen. It allows for a modification if necessary. It allows for slowing down of the process if necessary. It even allows for the abandonment of the plan entirely if that is what is necessary. And it allows time to heal… as long as it takes. I intend to slow down and work on the infrastructure of my life, to curl up, heal, and become stronger. So, what is your intention(s) for 2018? What intention would you like to put out into the universe for 2018?