Chasing Freedom

In October 2015, I sat down and evaluated the year. I had accomplished some personal objectives, including:

  • Taking a leadership role in a nonprofit organization
  • Inspiring over 3,000 women in my group “Over 40, Fearless, and Free”
  • Held a retreat where participants supported each other in finding deep alignment with their true selves

I felt it was time to focus on my own need for growth, expression and expansion. As I examined my bucket list of life goals, I felt called to an old dream – to learn Flamenco dancing in Spain. I wanted to stretch and explore, to travel and be free. And…

The book that had been growing inside me was demanding to be written.

I finished my nonprofit projects and started planning a very different year. My goals were:

  • Travel
  • Write my second book
  • Learn Flamenco Dancing
  • Share My Skills and Be of Service
I was already familiar with the concept of “work exchange,” because I had travelled in France in 2014 and stayed at a school, exchanging work for my room and board. I went back to the website “” and revised my profile, explaining my plan for 2016 and what I had to offer.
I really like the idea that by making my skills available and coming from a place of service, I can be supported and make a contribution wherever I go. I began the visioning process and started focusing on Spain. I contacted some different profiles on in Spain and found a really cool family who needed help with their business. Gradually, other people began contacting me who needed help with their projects. First, a school in India reached out and then a family in Ireland. Soon, I had enough projects for two trips. I decided to focus on Europe to start.

The first three months I will be in:




I realized at some point that it was important to not only talk about “following your dreams,” as I did with my followers. I had to walk the talk. So, I took the step and committed to the plan. I finished up my nonprofit commitments, put my stuff in storage and began readying myself for at least three months abroad. I have created a blog to share the experiences with other women. I believe that stories have an incredible power to inspire and catalyze change. I want women around the world to see that life after 40 can be fun, exhilarating and fulfilling.

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