I love, love, love having somewhere positive and uplifting to go where beautiful, intelligent women support and celebrate each other. The world and women need more of this.


The course did exactly what its name implied- jump started me into thinking in a new direction. As a result, I have tried new things, thought of ways to improve what I was already doing and helped to put my needs first as I progressed through the course. I have already suggested the course to a friend.


I feel like I have a huge group of friends to learn from and who will support me if I need them.


Geva Salerno writes with an engaging honesty about setting herself a goal that seemed relatively simple, but was totally life changing. She shares it as an example we can follow. It’s not a formula, not a ritual. But she has shared her discoveries, making them a kind of road map. Inspiring and encouraging, she shows us that as individuals we can find our authenticity.


Geva is a joy and an inspiration!


I am grateful to be a member of such a beautiful group of empowering, inspiring women. This group makes me feel the sense of belonging.


I am glad this group started. I am so amazed that there are so many women looking for the same things,people to share with and support from one another. I am glad I have found a Home!!


I feel very empowered since a I have a great group of beautiful women supporting me!


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