images (7)I am beginning the revision process this week. I completed the first draft of Center of Gravity and I am working with a coach (Dawn Josephson) to make the manuscript super, awesome and amazing. So, over the weekend I focused on slowing down and making space for this big project. I have been doing Lauren Sheehan’s 3 week course called Feminine Magnetic Presence and in it she talks about the feminine project cycle, which stresses the gestation part of the project cycle. According to Lauren, before doing anything, one must focus on what resources are needed for the project, how to make space for the project and what changes are necessary to prepare for the project… and above all understanding what is the heart and soul of the project.

Once all of this has been completed, one can move on to the masculine part of the project cycle: doing the activities related to the project, making it happen, and bringing it to conclusion. I had been traditionally focused on the masculine side, while neglecting the feminine side completely. I am great at planning and executing projects, but have completely neglected looking at how projects fit into the bigger picture. So, I have found myself overwhelmed at times. This time, I feel ready. I’ve made space in my calendar and over the weekend I cleaned the house, did the laundry and took naps. Now, on to the revision. See ya on the other side!