A Secret Power

by Feb 6, 2016Chasing Freedom Blog1 comment

As I gazed at the big empty space where my sofa once sat, I thought to myself “Well, there’s no turning back now.” A woman and her husband had just paid me $230 for the sofa and movers had taken it away. I’ve been trying to detach emotionally from these things I’ve accumulated over the past few years, but I must admit, it’s not easy. I have 20 days before I get on a plane and head to Europe for three months. I have 10 days to clear out the apartment, finish my new website and start writing the book. Everything has been going fairly smoothly so far. There’s one thing that has really helped me stay calm and collected.
A few weeks ago I was getting frustrated. So, asked myself “How do I want to feel when I am in Europe?” I pictured myself arriving at the airport in Spain and for some reason I was dressed like Laura Croft in Tomb Raider, totally prepared. More important than what I was wearing, was how I felt. I was completely calm, relaxed and ready for anything.

Over the last few weeks, whenever I would start to get nervous or anxious, I would picture myself in Spain, completely ready and it would bring me back. Visualization is a powerful tool, especially when you focus on how you want to feel, not just what you’re doing. At one point I realized that I wanted to feel more financially secure, so I added that to my vision. Suddenly, all kinds of opportunities started opening up… I got my first freelance writing gig, for a fragrance website. I’m in heaven! I love fragrance!!!! Visualization is kind of magical because if you can feel yourself in the future, the universe collaborates to make your vision happen. Wish me luck!

Question: Do you have a project or goal that you might use visualization with?

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