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Wondering how to manifest more powerfully in the world? Understanding masculine and feminine energy can help. Both genders possess masculine and feminine energy, and each are important. In fact, one is not more important than the other. Masculine energy governs our ability to manifest our ideas and dreams in the world. It is the energy of doing, of action, and of making things happen. We need masculine energy to complement our more flowing, feminine energy responsible for feeling, receiving, and being. And don’t get me wrong, feminine energy is our super power, which will heal the world. (The balance between masculine and feminine energy is discussed more here.)

The problem comes in when we are out of balance. Sometimes, when a woman takes a romantic partner,  she allows her partner to take the more active role. Traditionally, throughout time, women were expected to focus on raising children and caring for the home. We now have more freedom and opportunity than ever before.

However, sometimes, we subconsciously fall back into more traditional roles and let our partner assume all the responsibility for making our dreams come true. In this way, she is “outsourcing” her masculine energy to her partner. 

 Unfortunately, a woman may find that as time goes by, her dreams have drifted into the background or disappeared all together.

Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash

She may no longer even recognize herself. And if the couple decides to go their separate ways, she may find that she has neglected her ability to manifest for so long that she no longer even knows how to use her masculine energy. It can be a painful process to start over and begin rebuilding her life, but it can be done. Masculine energy is within us all. It just has to be tapped into and turned on again. By taking small steps foward, you will make your visions and desires come true and you will build confidence in your own abilities. Eventually, you will feel like the dynamic, grounded, powerful woman that you truly are!




Have you experienced this? Have you outsourced your masculine energy? Did you get it back? Comment below.