Empowerment in France

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Treigny, France

This was definitely my most difficult assignment of the trip. I spent from Apr 13 – Apr 22 in Burgundy, France; helping Jane Morley, a British photographer with some projects. Neither of us were sure what Jane needed before I arrived. But, after helping her convert an outdoor store on her property to a summer photography studio, Jane asked me to help her with some women’s empowerment counseling. I don’t usually do one to one counseling, but I thought I would give it a shot.
Here we are taking a break at an art opening.
Jane explained that she wanted to become more impactful in both her personal and professional life. So, we talked in depth about what was blocking her progress. She worked really hard and made great progress in our time together. We worked on getting her focused on new income streams and even created a timeline for her important projects.
We did some of our best strategic planning work while walking along this lake.
We went on a walk to a local castle called Chateau Ratilly. Inside, there was an exhibition of artisan paper. My favorite part was the pigeon house. Only one pigeon was home at the time of my visit, but I liked to imagine the place filled with cooing pigeons.
This was part of the artisan paper exhibit… I think.
Pigeon House
Where are all of the pigeons?
Pottery is famous in Treigny, France. These are some that the castle sells.
All in all, the project was successful. I was worried throughout that I wasn’t trained for that kind of training. But, Jane was pleased with what we accomplished. She emerged a stronger, clearer professional and woman. I found the process to be quite interesting, but draining. I’m not sure whether this kind of coaching will be in my future. But, I’m glad to know I can do it.
Some Random Pics of France…

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