Release Fear Now!


Feeling overwhelmed and stuck? It’s time to start living again. We can help you get your life back.

Peace of mind is available to everyone… 

What is a “Fear Detox”?

The prolonged or repeated experience of fear can have negative consequences for the body and mind. The energy of fear can become trapped in our bodies and energetic system. And when the energy of fear gets trapped in the muscles and organs, over time, it can manifest as illness. Living with fear and anxiety is no way to live. And you don’t have to live that way. It is possible to release fear from your system.

Feeling overwhelmed?

The global pandemic has caused a lot of fear in people around the world. Many people have been negatively affected by fear. Fear can manifest is anxiety, illness, addiction, and disease.

Experiencing Anxiety?

Fear can be disguised as anxiety, pervasive feelings of being ill at ease. This kind of fear can stop you from moving forward and taking action. By addressing fear that has built up in the mind and body, you can begin to move forward.

Everyone deserves peace of mind.

Peace of mind is available to everyone. By learning some simple tools and following these practices, you will be able to release fear and feel lighter and freer.

Included in the Course:





Guided Meditation

Sound Healing



Let’s get started!

  • Feel lighter and more relaxed
  • Have a greater sense of hope about the future.
  • Be better able to manage daily responsibilities.
  • Begin to move forward

5 Lessons to

Take at Your Own Pace

Lesson One

Grounding – Get grounded and ready to release fear

Lesson Two (Mental Release)

We will use several techniques to release the fearful thoughts and feelings that you have been holding

Lesson Three (Physical Release)

Physcial Release – Using a combination of breathwork and movement, you will let go of fear stored in the body

Lesson Four (Attunement)

After releasing fear from the body and mind you will bring your system into a healthy vibration using sound healing

Lesson Five (Closing Ritual)

We will close the course with a ritual that you help design, unique to your needs.

$199 Introductory price: $149 (Until July 1, 2021)

Meet Your Guide

This online course has five lessons, which you can take at your own pace and Geva Salerno will guide you every step of the way.

Geva Salerno

Geva Salerno is the leader of Over 40, Fearless, and Free, an international women’s group of over 10,000 members worldwide.

She is especially interested in the intersection of science, spirituality, and psychology.

Ms. Salerno is a writer, teacher, and life-long learner with degrees in biochemistry and international policy. She is also a certified yoga instructor with advanced training in yoga for trauma recovery.

“Thanks to the Fear Detox, I now feel inspired and ready to move forward with new chapters in my future. I would recommend the course to anyone who has experienced a lot of fear or anxiety.”

Fran Davidson

Not sure if you need the course? Take this “Fear Toxicity” quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any prerequisite for taking this course?

No, nothing is required for taking the course. We suggest that anyone who has had any serious mental health issues seek guidance and support from a mantal health professional before and during the course. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We are 100% confident that anyone will benefit from this course. Therefore, we offer a money back guarantee.

Is there any homework?

The course is experiential, meang the focus is on the experience of the actual course videos and exercises. There is no homework outside of the course material. Feel free to repeat any part of the course at any time. 

Do I have a deadline to finish the course?

No, you can take the course at your own pace. We recommend creating a regular schedule, such as taking the course every other day or once a week on a specific day. You will receive the most benefit from regular practice. 

$199 Introductory price: $149 (Until July 1, 2021)