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Most people know that each gender has both a masculine and a feminine side. Within us we have both sides. These aspects are sometimes referred to as energies. Women have masculine energy and men have feminine energy. Masculine energy is action-oriented, analytical, and provides structure. Feminine energy is receptive, creative, and flowing. Both aspects are necessary for balance.

Photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash

Feminine energy has a flowing quality, like water. Feminine energy traits are associated with nurturing, love, receptivity, compassion, and care. Feminine energy is the energy of being and is responsible for the ability to slow down and “be in the moment.” We all have an innate ability to receive, which is crucial to ‘being.’

Feminine energy allows us to be receptive and open to being nurtured. Men have, and need, feminine energy inside them or they would be constantly doing and unable to slow down to enjoy the fruits of their labor. They would also be unable to nourish and receive. Women need feminine energy in order to relax and feel cherished. 


Conversely, masculine energy is the energy of doing. Women need masculine energy in order to “get things done,” have movement, and forward momentum in life, and provide structure for creativity. Women need masculine energy in order to manifest in the world.

Without masculine energy, a woman might have hundreds of exciting ideas for projects but be unable to bring them forth into the world. It is this forward-moving energy, that is responsible for the ability to take ideas from thought to creation. Masculine energy provides the forward movement and the container for the idea to grow and blossom within. It is the underpinning and organization that gives birth to a new project.


Photo by Cam Adams on Unsplash

Some women were raised in a way that masculine energy was actually discouraged. For milennia, women were encouraged to only embody feminine energy and because of this had to find subtle and sometimes deceptive ways to get their needs met or to manifest their vision. That is why it is highly impoertant for women to recognize and cultivate our own masculine energy. This is a powerful time to be alive. Women are able to control our lives like never before. We can bring forth our ideas and dreams like no other time in history. 

How have you used masculine energy to manifest your dreams? Have you ever outsourced your masculine energy? Comment below.