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Over 40, Fearless, and Free Women’s Group is an online community where members share ideas and wisdom as we stretch our wings and create our best lives. The group is a safe place where women can be themselves. Members are encouraged to ask for advice and to offer each other support. The posts are mostly inspirational and thought-provoking. The members, who are from all over the United States and the world, are very active, commenting on posts and sharing ideas and support. The main focus of the group is to support each other in growing to our full potential as women. Women over 40 have a tremendous amount of wisdom and experience. By coming together in sisterhood, we are able to find our power individually and collectively.

What our Members Say:

I love, love, love having somewhere positive and uplifting to go where beautiful, intelligent women support and celebrate each other. The world and women need more of this.
Debb L.


It gives me a sense of hope for our World….that we can be a group of women with such diversity in backgrounds, life history, religious beliefs/values, race, ethnicity, education, work, careers, parenting, marital status, etc, etc, and stay committed to being supportive, respectful and caring towards one another!
Jeanne S.


It’s a group of loving and supportive vibration. It is so wonderful that there is a place where you can put your fears, your dreams, your successes and failures and have the support of a whole group of ladies.
Gail S.


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