Crowdfunding in Madrid

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Went to visit the famous Guernica painting by Pablo Picasso
I was a teenager when I first saw photos of Guernica. I admred the way Pablo Picasso could express such raw emotion. I think this was also the first time I had seen art used as a means of conveying a political or social message, a strategy that has fascinated me for a long time. In Guernica, Picasso took the powerful emotions that he felt about war and expressed them so clearly that they transmit the sentiments directly to the viewer. Millions of people have been impacted by this painting.
This is the Queen of Spain, Sofia on the opening day of the Guernica exhibition. The painting was abroad for many years, so it was a big deal when it finally came home to Spain.
I spent about 10 days in Madrid, working on a crowdfunding campaign. Elsa Garcia Diez originally contacted me asking if I could help with the video they need, but I explained that I only have medium-level skills in that area. She then asked if I would be interested in making images for the campaign and with strategy. Over the next week I created some campaign images (below) and helped them focus on the messaging. We had to dig deep into the various aspects of the problem they are trying to solve.
Strategy session with Technology for Emotions. Elsa on the left and Susana on the right.
Technology for Emotion is the company and they would like to provide the app for free to students, especially in public schools.

The crowdfunding campaign is to finance an app and software platform that tracks emotional intelligence in schools. It helps teachers prevent and detect serious problems like bullying and suicide. Technology for Emotion is the company and they would like to provide the app for free to students, especially in public schools. The campaign will be starting within the next two months. I was glad to be a part of it.
These are images created for Technology for Emotions crowdfunding campaign. To learn more about the app and the software platform, click here:
Anneke and Elsa at our picnic by the river. Red wine of course!
This is a walking bridge on the left. Check out the murals on the buildings across the river.
This is Don Flamenco, who is known world-wide for his custom made Flamenco shoes.
“Dance!” sign at Don Flamenco’s shoe store.
Street Market in Madrid, which had the best stuff. Also possibly the most crowded street market I’ve seen, body to body in places!
I was looking at these cool skirts, but the patterns were just a little bit far from my style.
This is a perfume I fell in love with. I wrote a story about it, which will be published on 4/25/2016, here:
Swinton & Grant – Cafe/Bookstore/Gallery. A lovely place to hang out and write.
Street art in Madrid at La Tabacalera, a former tobacco factory.
The outer wall is a full, city block long and showcases some of the best street artists in Madrid. The installation is curated by E1000 and Pablo S. Herrero.

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