Core Values

These are the values which guide my life and work.



My number one, most important core value is “Agency.” Agency means the capacity to act independently and to influence one’s own life. Albert Bandura, an influential social cognitive psychologist, studied agency extensively. It is basically the degree to which you feel you have control over your mind, body, and environment. Your success in life depends on how much self-agency you have.


    Power of the Mind

    You have more power than you realize. Your mind is a powerful asset.

    • You can figure anything out.
    • By changing your psychology and core beliefs you can change your self and your world.
    • By understanding your childhood and programming, you can improve your thinking and outlook.
    • You can do anything you set your mind to.




    Creativity is vital for life and personal self-expression is necessary for psychological helath and well-being.

    • Andrew Carnegie, the  steel magnate, attributed much of his success to the persistent application of “creative vision,” which is the ability to use the imagination to see future possibilities and opportunities.
    • Creative vision is necessary to heal the world’s major problems.
    • Creative vision can be used to change your life.
    • By experimenting, you can move forward.




    You are stronger than you think and you don’t need anyone’s approval.

    • You have made it through many hard things and are still standing.
    • You can use your voice to ask for what you need and want.
    • You can set intentions and go after your dreams. 
    • You don’t need anyone’s approval.




    Health is a cornerstone to freedom. When we are physically healthy, we can acheive our goals.

    • We each have the power to improve our own health.
    • The mind and body are connected. How we think affects us on a physical level.
    • We can use natural healing methods to take control of our health. 

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    Intuition is your connection through the subconscious to infinite intelligence.

    • You can use the intuition to guide you powerfully through life.
    • Your intution is your hidden navigating system.
    • The intuition is a still, quiet voice or feeling that you can choose to listen to.
    • The intuition is almost never wrong.




      Alignment is when your mind, heart, goals, and actions are all connected.

      • When you are in alignment, life flows and the universe supports you.
      • When you are in alignment, you know who you are and where you are going.
      • When you are in alignment, you are able to manifest your goals and dreams effortlessly. 




      When women work together, magic happens

      • Connecting with like-minded people is healing.
      • It is good to know that we are not alone.
      • By supporting each other, we all grow.
      • You have something to offer the world.
      • We have complementary strengths. By working together, we are stronger together. 

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      Age Appreciation

      Your value increases with age. I am working to change the narrative around aging for women.

      • you are never too old to change.
      • You are never too old to date or remarry.
      • You are never too old to start a new business.
      • You are never too old to go on an adventure.
      • You are never too old to express yourself. 
      • You are never too old to start over and change your whole life.





      Doing a comprehensive gratitude practice changed my life. Gratitude changes you on both profound and subtle levels.

      • Gratitude changes the way you think.
      • Gratitude changes the way you feel.
      • Recognizing what is going right creates a sense of peace and stability.
      • Practicing gratitude helps you sleep better.
      • Practicing gratitude makes you happier.

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