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Is it possible to pack three months worth of clothes in one carry-on bag?

I’ve got less than a week left before my trip to Europe. I’ve spent the last few weeks selling furniture and putting my personal items in storage. I’m working on the last details of the trip and it’s time to think specifically about what I’m bringing. So far, I’ve made a list of all the clothes I would like to bring along. My plan is to bring one carry-on bag (Aer Lingus calls them “cabin bags,” so I’m switching to calling them that.). I hate waiting for baggage after a flight. But, more importantly, I will be taking four flights and can’t afford to lose a bag along the way. So, whatever I can fit into a cabin bag is what I’ll be bringing. When I was moving I put all the clothes I would like to bring in the cabin bag. But, it’s super heavy. Aer Lingus has a 22 lb limit for cabin bags. Also, I will be travelling during two seasons – late winter and early spring in a subtropical climate…

This is the list so far:

Pants: Black, grey, white, jeans Shorts: Khaki, navy + white polka dots Tees: Navy, blk, navy + white stripe Tanks: 2 blk, 2 navy, 2 white Camis: Blk, raspberry Long sleeve dressy tops: Navy pattern, blk + white stripe Pajamas: 2 pair Panties: 8 pair Socks: 5 pair Scarves: 3 light, 3 med weight Dresses: 1 dressy, 1 fun Skirts: 1 long stripe, 1 long blk, 1 med hot pink pattern, 1 med white, 1 short animal print

So, what do you think? Have I packed too much? Have I packed too little? Did I forget something?

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