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You’ve probably started hearing about “mental wellness” recently. Now, thanks to local thought-leader, Geva Salerno,  a mental wellness expert, Fort Myers gets an exclusive introduction to this life-changing concept. Salerno is hosting a multi-event series of “mental wellness practices, which all kicked-off during a two-hour Mental Wellness Workshop on Sunday, July 17th. The event was held at the Healing Center at Reflections, 13550 Reflections Parkway, in Fort Myers, FL. This first session explored the topic of mental wellness and gave an overview of mental wellness and the practices which support healthy functioning of the mind and emotions.


The workshop got rave reviews by attendees., who were empowered by the strategies they picked up during their time with Salerno. “It was a powerful and moving experience,” one attendee stated. The series is being presented by Ms. Salerno, a mental wellness expert, inspirational speaker, women’s empowerment thought-leader and the author of, Nutrition for Mental Wellness, an online course. Salerno works part-time in a local psychiatric hospital and leads a vibrant international network of women. It was also a necessary introduction to the soon-to-be trending concept of Mental Wellness, which has become increasingly challenging for many Americans to manage, especially since lives have been turned upside down with the Pandemic lockdowns and little support available for individuals and families.

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