Private Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Private Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Wondering if Private Yoga for Trauma Recovery might help you? Trauma affects everyone differently. Common symptoms include: confusion, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, mood swings, guilt, shame, withdrawl, and feeling of diconnection or numbness. These affects can be long-lasting or pop up suddenly. However there are ways to heal from trauma. My goal is to provide clients witht he tools they need to manage their symptoms and heal over time.

Recovery is Possible

Recovery is possible, and resilience is available to everyone. I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have been teaching for the last four years. I know firsthand the peace and confidence that yoga can bring. I have advanced training in a program called “Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery.” This program uses five tools to help clients recover: Breathing, Meditation, Mindful Movement (Yoga), Guided Rest, and Gratitude.

Research has shown (and I have witnessed) that when clients take the time to breathe easy, focus clearly, move mindfully, rest deeply, and remember gratitude, they recover more quickly from the psychological effects of trauma. Private Yoga for Trauma Recovery clients report that they sleep better, concentrate and think more clearly, manage emotions more easily, and find comfort in their own skin. 


What to Expect

We will use a comfortable, quiet space to practice in. No special clothes are necessary. Just wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Mats are provided. A water bottle is suggested.  We will spend some time talking about the program and then begin with some simple practices that are relaxing for the body and mind. We always follow a relaxing pace and schedule.


How I Work With Clients

I currently provide Private Yoga for Trauma Recovery on a one to one basis with clients at their home, office, or facility. Sessions can be scheduled according to the clients needs with as little as once a week sessions, or several sessions per week. I meet with clients, assess their needs, and create a plan based on their unique situation and needs. My service area is Estero – Bonita Springs, and Naples, FL. To inquire about private classes or schedule a session, click below. 

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Unbelievable how much this class assists in me being able to bring a sense of calm when my PTS starts to take control of my life.