Processing & Power

by Jan 23, 2016Chasing Freedom Blog0 comments

This is what I feel like every day lately. Everything is happening very quickly. I feel like I am shaping reality, by the many choices I am making. It’s exciting, but sometimes I honestly don’t want to get out of bed. I let myself stay in the warm little cocoon and process all that is going on. I let my mind wander and touch on all the has been happening. I let things settle into my consciousness. Sometimes I use a meditation technique that I developed to release fear.
I feel like the processing is what is helping me manage it all in a calm, powerful way. Two days ago I gave notice at the apartment I’ve been renting for three years. The same day I went out and leased a storage unit. Today, my big objective is to find and/or purchase a ticket to Spain. Now, I’m going to go do more processing with meditation and yoga. But, first I must get out of this warm bed… 🙂

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