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$10.00 / month

Promote your business to our over 11,700 members!

This subscription entitles the subscriber to post up to five times per week in Over 40, Fearless, and Free. The posts may promote any product, service, or event that the entrepreneur chooses, must be in line with the group’s overall mission. Each post must follow the group guidelines for posts. Each post will be reviewed prior to being published and submission does not guarantee publication. Posts may be declined for any reason. Guidelines:

  • All posts must benefit the members first.
  • The goal of is to help your potential clients by providing useful content that can inspire them or help them solve their problems.
  • After two paragraphs of content you can add one promotional sentence and a link to a product, service, event, blog, etc. Or you can post a single link to an event. (We don’t allow the direct promotion of other groups.)
  • Content does not mean just text. Content refers to meaningful, engaging and solution-giving pieces of information. Examples are: advice, inspirational stories, videos, case studies, tips, data, podcasts, excerpts from a blog or an article. Basically, share something helpful with them and then provide a link they can follow to get more information.
  • To improve chances of publication, choose a novel topic and image.



Get exposure for your business to our over 11,000 members worldwide! 100% of our members are over 40 years old, female and interested in the following topics:

  • Personal Growth
  • Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Fashion
  • Reinventing their Lives
  • Making New Friends

By purchasing this subscription, you will be allowed to post up to five times per week in the group, promoting your brand, services, and products.



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