The other day, I was looking for something to wear in my closet when it occurred to me how much my closet has changed. That may not sound like a big deal to some people. But, to me, it was kind of like concrete proof just how much my life has changed.

Ten years ago, my closet looked very much like this one, filled with a bunch of dark suits. My focus was totally on work. I didn’t even know who I was outside of work. I had another closet that was supposed to be for free time, but as I wrote in my memoir Center of Gravity, it contained about 20 tee shirts and a few odd items that didn’t quite fit or feel right.

I don’t even wear tee shirts. They don’t fit my body type. I kept them because I thought that everybody is suppsed to wear tee shirts in their off time.

Part of doing the experiment that I describe in Center of Gravity, was trying new things, trying to figure out who I am and what I like. I rediscovered my love of fashion and self-expression. I got rid of all the tee shirts and began to play with color and textures. I discovered that I like bright colors and patterns. I created a wardrobe that is comfortable and reflects who I am on the inside. 

In a way, my new wardrobe reflects my new life. I now go to interesting places and need fun, casual things to wear. I actually have friends to do things with and a new boyfriend to spend time with. I’m just sorry I waited so long to make a change!

I’m very grateful for my new life and I’m grateful to be able to share the message with other women that it really is posssible to change your life. You don’t have to stay stuck on the hamster wheel that society programs us to accept. I truly hope that you experience the same kind of moment of realization where you can clearly see how much your life has changed. You can do it. You can change your life!