I have a secret. This secret has been kept for thousands of years. And if the secret gets out, it could alter the course of human history… forever. It could change the way people interact and upset the status quo. The secret could change your life forever… and I’m going to share it with you.


The secret is that you are far more powerful than you realize. As a woman, you have been trained to subconsciously think of yourself as a perishable commodity. You have received millions of subconscious clues and signals from society since you were born, telling you that as a female your purpose is to grow up, reproduce, and then step off the stage and quietly disappear. However, your true purpose is far more powerful… and it all has to do with the Queen Archetype.

First, let me explain what an archetype is and how an archetype functions in society. An archetype, is a recurrent symbol or typical example, which represents an aspect of human nature. Some common archetypes are the sage, the outlaw, the innocent and the hero. In Jungian psychology, the archetypes represent universal patterns and images that are part of the collective unconscious, meaning that they inform our subconscious beliefs without our even being aware of them.

For women around the world, there has been a set of three archetypes that have been accepted as the principal archetypal choices for womanhood, since time immorial.


They are the maiden, mother, and crone. It was thought that these archetypes were created to mimic the phases of the moon, with the maiden representing the new moon, the mother the full moon, and the crone as the waning moon. There is some question as to the historical validity of the origin of the maiden, mother, crone archetypes. In many cultures we find myths of the Triple Goddess, some related to the moon, some unrelated.

In any case, understanding a woman’s lifecycle as being reflective of the moon phases is no longer accurate and further suppresses women’s power. First, a woman’s lifecycle is longer than it was in antiquity. In the middle ages, a woman’s total lifespan was 42 years, and therefore maiden, mother, crone might have fit. But, women are living longer. The average lifespan of a woman in the United States is 78 years, and the gap between motherhood and crone is increasing.

This gap just happens to be the most powerful time in a woman’s life, the Reign of the Queen.

Second, rather than being tied to the phases of the moon, women’s archetypes would be more accurately represented by the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter, or Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone. Reflecting autumn, the Queen Archetype is the time in a woman’s life when she begins to step into her true power. Autumn is the time of harvest.



Sifting & Sorting

The harvest is when we take the crop off of the field and begin to sift and sort it. It’s a time of looking inward.

Making Peace

This is the time in a woman’s life when she begins to make sense of her life and begins to make peace with all that has come before. She begins to make peace with others and with herself.

Loving Herself

She begins to understand who she is as a person and she begins to not only make peace with who she truly is, she begins to love and value herself, not in spite of her failings and shortcomings, but because of them. She begins to truly love herself. And with peace comes power.

Finding Her Space

It’s a time of separating out what is me and what is you. For years she has been either birthing children or birthing projects. She has been entwined with the energy of many different people and has been holding space for their growth, their dreams and their aspirations. Now she begins to gather her space back and redefine herself. This is me, this is you.

Holding Her Space

She begins to focus on her space and begins focusing on holding space for herself and her own dreams. She begins to make space for what is important to her, what her heart desires. She begins to defend her space and her time. And with space comes power.

Autumn is a Time of Immense Power. What you do with it, is up to you.

If you choose to accept the Queen Archetype as a way to understand your life seasons, it will radically alter the way you appraoch life. Whereas, in the past, women’s main functions were related to their reproductive cycles of emerging fertility (sexual attractiveness), reproduction, and decline, this new season of life offers the opportunity to take the wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences, and to put it to good use.

And if the secret of the Queen’s Reign gets out, it could very well change the course of human history as women over 40 around the world, begin stepping into their power and making powerful positive changes for our planet.