Step #1

Friend Request Traci Sanders

Traci Sanders is your Subscription Benefits Coordinator. She will support you in implementing your subscriptions benefits and in becoming a go-to expert in Over 40, Fearless, and Free.  You can connect with her by Friend Requesting her on Facebook.

Step #2

Send Bio + Photo

Please send your photo and bio to Traci at Please include both professional and personal aspects within your 2 paragraph bio. Include a link and/or phone number where potential customers or clients can reach you. We will post your Member Spotlight post within 7 days.  

Action Item: Email Bio + Photo to Now!

Step #3

Schedule Strategy Session

One of the benefits of the Platinum membership is a 30-minute complimentary marketing strategy session with Traci Sanders. At this session, Traci will review all the benefits of your subscription and help you create a plan of action to take advantage of them.  

Step #4

Review Directory Listing

The photo and bio you sent to Traci Sanders will be featured in the Networking Resource Directory. A link to the Networking Resource Directory is kept in the Units Tab in the group and is located at: The Networking Directory is promoted weekly in the group and can be accessed here:

Action Item: Email Directory Edits to  Now!

Welcome Subscribers!

We are glad that you are with us and we look forward to supporting your success. You will receive several emails over the next few days. Please follow the following steps to get started. (Silver subscribers, please complete Steps 1-3. Platinum Subscribers, please complete Steps 1-7.)

Step #5

(Steps 4-7 are For Platinum Subscribers Only)

Schedule Your Live Interview

At this Live interview, you will be introduced to our over 11,000 members.  The 40-60 minute Live broadcast is recorded and the video will be available for your promotional use afterward. At the interview, Geva will focus on your past, present, and future, as well as help you to position yourself as an expert in your field. Scheule your interview by clicking the link below.

Step #6

Create Your Live Events

To Create Your Live Events:

  1. Choose Your Topic
  2. Schedule Your Workshop on this Group Calendar: Click Here
  3. Create your Facebook event within the Over 40, Fearless, and Free group: Click Here
  4. Set up a Zoom Event.
  5. Adjust your Zoom settings to allow for Live broadcasting into the group. (You must have a Pro account in order to go Live in Facebook)
  6. Click Account Management > Account Settings.
  7. In “Meeting Advanced” scroll down to toggle “Allow Live Streaming the Meetings” and enable Facebook.
  8. Add your Zoom event link to your Facebook event under Location – External Link.
  9. Share your Facebook event in the group. (There will be a follow up email regarding marketing your event)
  10. There are 2 crucially important things to remember to do at the beginning of your event:
  • Click “Go Live in Facebook.” You will find this button under More at the top of your control panel.
  • Click Recording to record your workshop

You may want to print this email for reference at your event.

Step #7

Promote Your Live Online Events

Promoting Your Live Events:

We are here to support you and we will include your event when we market the group events. But, the responsibility for marketing your event is yours. So, let’s get crackin’!

Create a brief plan with some or all of the following elements:

At this point you have already created your Zoom event and Facebook event. 

  1. One month before your event, announce it in Over 40, Fearless and Free. This can be a simple post with some info about the topic and why people should attend. Add a link to the event at the end.
  2. Plan to post twice a week in the group with a post or link to the event.
  3. Create a video about the event and share it as a post in the group. Make sure to include some content and talk about the benefits of attending.
  4. Add the event to your website.
  5. Share across all of your social media platforms at least once a week.
  6. Plan and schedule your posts using a social media scheduling software, like Buffer. (Or make posts ahead of time and schedule them out on Facebook using their scheduling feature on individual posts. 
  7. Send an email with an invitation to your email list. 

If you have any questions about marketing your event, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just remember, plan it out, execute your plan, and Rock that Event!


Step #8

Post Atleast Twice Weekly

Female Entreprenuer Showcase

Once a week, usually on Mondays, we post the Female Entrepreneur Showcase. This is an opportunity to promote yourself and your business in the comments. Feel free to introduce yourself, share what you do, provide contact info, and add a link for members to get in touch with you. At the end of your info, please put your subscription level with stars around it, like this: ***Silver Subscription***

Freebie Fridays

Once a week on Fridays, we post “Freebie Friday,” which is where Silver and Platinum level subscribers can promote free offers. Feel free to share your free offer with the 11,000+ members of Over 40, Fearless, and Free. Remember to include your ***subscription level*** with stars around it after your free offer. 

Regular Posts

As you know, we only approve posts that are closely aligned with the mission of the group. In order to increase the odds of getting a post approved, please follow these guidelines:

  1. We approve a maximum of 12 posts per day in order to not overwhelm members’ newsfeeds. Not more than one per member per day.
  2. All posts must benefit the members.
  3. Make sure that the post is content-filled.
  4. After 2 content-filled paragraphs, you can add one promotional sentence with a link to a product or service, at the very end.

If you have any questions about the above steps, please contact We are happy to answer any questions.