This week I’ve been surprised at how many times I caught myself not really being in the moment, which actually created a self- fulfilling prophecy of sorts. I wanted so desperately for a situation to be a certain way that I was unable to actually be there. I was so worried that it would be the way it was in the past that I was unable to be in the present. My head was literally in the past. This happened twice in business situations this week. Luckily, during the second instance I was able to recognize what was going on and move through it. It felt like a first.

We constantly learn this lesson in Florida. As this weekend approaches, so does a storm. There’s always a possibility that a tropical storm will turn into a hurricane. It’s almost mental training to not let our mind  go into overdrive and get lost in panic and fear. We have to stay very tuned to what is actually happening and respond according to that. Being tuned to reality is the hardest lessons have. Are we in the past, present or future? I often find deep peace in the present moment.