I believe a powerful woman is:

  • Happy
  • Centered
  • Rested
  • Fulfilled
  • Equipped with necessary tools
  • Connected


When I was growing up, we kids were afraid of two big things: nuclear war and degradation of the environment. Today, the list of global concerns seems endless –  water quality, cancer, autism, terrorism, polar bear extinction, ice caps are melting, GMOs, corruption… The list goes on and on. I would argue that if when women are empowered, we will solve the world’s problems.

  • India – When I lived in India, I volunteered with an organization working to empower women called the Baghavatula Charitable Trust. What they had seen was that when men were given money, they would go out and spend it gambling or buying booze. When they gave the money to a woman, she would spend it on the family. The organization started focusing on supporting women and villages began to thrive.
  • Workforce Participation – If women’s participation in the workforce increased, it would transform the global economy for the better. The Council on Foreign Relations estimates that each country’s GDP grows by 3 percent for every additional 10 percent of girls going to school.

Special Abilities – Women have the following special abilities:

  • Communication
  • Connecting
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Consensus Building


These skills and abilities are sorely needed in order to repair the damage that has been done to our world.

  • CEOs – Women are invested in fixing the world’s problems. Women care – 15% of corporate CEOs are female. In the nonprofit industry 45% of CEOs are female. Women care. We need more women in positions of power in authority, because they will use it to save the world.


How do we empower women?

  • The Traditional Approach is to make policies, impose quotas and try to empower women as a group. And that has worked to an extent. But, not fast enough to make the kind of change the world requires now.
  •  The Happiness Approach – Let me pose another question – which comes first, happiness or success? In the West, in the US, we’re taught from birth to chase success. If we become successful, then we will be happy. What if it’s the other way around? What if becoming happy creates success? According to a recent experiment by a group called the Science of Happiness, becoming happier actually makes people more productive and good at what they do.


Back to the question of how to empower women.

Well, we make them happy.

I help women Get Happy both individually and collectively.

  • Tools – I’ve created a series of courses, books and guides and courses designed to help women overcome problems in their lives and their own psychology, leading to powerful breakthroughs and long-lasting peace.
  •  Group – I’ve created a Facebook group for women called “Over 40, Fearless and Free.” And it is bringing together women from all over the world to connect and share thoughts, stories and inspiration.


I invite you to join me. Let’s Get Happy and save the world.

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