I have some good news for you.

If you are over 40, divorced, or starting your life over, and wondering if you will ever find love again, it is possible. In 2010, I broke up with someone that I really cared about. I even thought I loved him. But, I had to break it off because it wasn’t going anywhere. Deep down a little voice was saying “You’re over 40. You’re never going to be in another significant relationship again.” You see, I had internalized all those messages that society tells us about women aging. I really believed that our value decreases as we age.

I struggled with online dating after that (I describe it in a memoir I wrote called Center of Gravity) and eventually decided to take some time off from dating to work on my life. It took a lot of soul searching and more recently a deep dive into psychology for me to understand my own value, why I chose the wrong men for me, and how to identify the right type (not what you would think).

Now, I’ve been in the first stable, loving relationship I’ve ever had, for over a year. For the first time, I’m not experiencing anxiety about a relationship, and it’s allowing me to grow in so many ways. So, if you are newly divorced, and wondering if you will ever find true love again, I want to give you some hope. It is possible. It is possible to have an amazing, loving relationship… and you deserve it.

If you’re just starting on this journey of rediscovery, you may enjoy my first book, which is here: https://www.amazon.com/Center-Gravity…/dp/0991099419. If you’re ready for the deep dive, stay tuned! I’m working on my second book as we speak!




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